Skoda Superb 2005

Škoda Auto starts manufacturing and delivering the new 2005 model year version of its Škoda Superb cars. This involves some technical changes and introduction of new features and parts of outfit.

One of the most significant changes is integration of the Czech language into the two types of navigation instruments, DX and SatCompass, offered for the Superb cars. The system?s voice output in the Czech language and Czech menu function in accordance with a digital map CD-ROM in the Czech language edition.


This is currently possible thanks to a new version of the navigation map of the Czech Republic that is to be put on the market in the next few days. But the Czech language will become part of all CD-ROMs ? even those containing foreign maps - in the near future.

The technical changes include extension of the EOBD (European On Board Diagnostics) system functions, which are presently installed in all Superbs powered by both petrol and diesel engines. This diagnostic system monitors correct functioning of all systems that influence compliance with exhaust emissions regulations. If the system detects that some values do not correspond with the requirements, an indicator light shall warn the driver that he should visit a car repair shop as soon as possible. The control unit then informs a specialist service on a possible failure or a period of time for which the engine worked in non-standard mode.

Another new feature on the Superb is a folding rear seat backrest, now split in a third. This modification dramatically increases variability of the boot space further enlarging its volume up to 480 litres or 945 litres while the rear seat backrest is folded down (the volume of the boot space with the rear seat backrest up amounts to 462 litres). For a better protection of the interior, it is possible to lock the folding backrest in order to make it safe. Other new items are, for example, extension of the supply by 17-inch ten-spoke X-tended all-alloy wheels, and widening the range of colours by Flamenco red metallic paint and Dynamic blue uni paint.

The prices of the Škoda Superb cars start at 651,800 crowns in the Czech Republic (for the Celebration action model).

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