Mazda's new 'Verisa' compact offers quality and craftsmanship

Mazda has issued further details on its new Verisa: Mazda Motor Corporation proudly introduces its new-style compact vehicle, Mazda Verisa, which goes on sale today at Mazda, Mazda Anfini and Mazda Autozam dealerships throughout Japan.

Mazda Verisa is a compact vehicle that offers customers even higher levels of quality as defined through the careful attention to craftsmanship. The name "Verisa" is an original word combining the Italian word "verita," which means "truth," with the English word "satisfaction," suggesting the idea of "true fulfillment."


The product is intended for a broad range of customers with an emphasis put on couples in their 30s who enjoy their own styles, particularly when choosing products or lifestyles. While providing excellent driving performance, typical to Mazda's new-generation products, the Verisa also features a distinct and handsome look and distinguished functionality for ease of use.

The monthly sales target in the domestic Japanese market is a lifecycle average of 2,500 units. "We developed Verisa to delight today's customers who have a strong sense of values and lifestyles," says Mazda's President and CEO Hisakazu Imaki. "Verisa is a product representing a deeper 'Zoom-Zoom' concept and Mazda's brand DNA embodied in our recent four, new-generation products. While succeeding our tradition of excellent driving performance, it comprises a new concept for a stylish car. We also would like to underline that we succeeded in developing the product in a rather short time, thanks to the Mazda Digital Innovation system (MDI), without sacrificing the levels of quality expected by today's customers." Features of Mazda Verisa (1) Exterior and interior design rendering Verisa 'chic and quality' character. (2) Distinguished functionality for both practical and pleasing use. (3) Quietness allowing passengers to enjoy music and conversation even while on highway. (4) Excellent driving performance typical to Mazda's new-generation products.

Product outline of Verisa 1. Exterior and interior design rendering Verisa 'chic and quality' character With the keywords "chic," modern" and "quality," the Verisa boasts a unique look achieved through careful attention to craftsmanship. - Embracing occasional protrusions of surface and notable contrast, the exterior design gives an overall impression of rounded shape. It helps create a feeling of quality and massiveness, rendering a smart appearance rarely seen in existing compact vehicles. To further advance this theme, the "Dress-Up Package" is available as a manufacturer's option. - The interior space provides 'over-class' comfort. Likewise, the rounded surface helps passengers feel a sense of roominess and comfort in the interior.

The instrument panel and seats show quality resulting from careful attention to craftsmanship. The leather package, available as manufacturer's option, further enhances its quality atmosphere. - Backboned with the large frame originally created for the seats of Mazda's award-winning Atenza, Verisa's front seats provide levels of comfort and supportability beyond its class. - Nine pleasant exterior colors are available, including the newly introduced Moist Silver Metallic, Olive Gray Metallic and Cardinal Red Mica. The primary color of the interior is olive to render a chic and bright feel. The leather package including wood-like trimming is also available for the interior.

(2). Distinguished functionality for both practical and pleasing use Verisa has been created to provide customers a level of functionality that meets their high demands. These features have been designed and developed to let customers enjoy driving in their own ways. - Available as manufacturer's option is Mazda's "Music HDD," a music hard disk drive system that can store approximately 3,000 music files. This easy-to-use audio system includes a feature that allows the user to record all the music of a CD while the vehicle is unattended and the engine is stopped. Music HDD sales promotion campaign Buyers who purchase the Music HDD option by August 1, 2004 will receive 100 preloaded songs that match the concept of the Verisa. These songs are selected by the editors of popular Japanese fashion/lifestyle magazines. - The advanced keyless system is offered as standard equipment. Bringing the card-shaped key within close proximity of the car (carrying it in one's pocket, for example), the owner can lock/unlock the doors or rear gate and start/stop the engine without inserting a key. - A large makeup mirror and light are standard equipment and installed in the upper glove compartment on the passenger side. This feature targets active women who often need to apply make up while on the go. - Folding the rear seats with a single button, the user can gain access to a large, flat luggage space. An adjustable set of partitions enables wider usability of the luggage space.

(3) Quietness letting passengers enjoy music and conversation even while on highway Thanks to the advanced analysis and relating technologies, Verisa achieves the quietness that users rarely experience in the competitive set of vehicles. The vehicle provides quiet and comfortable interior space even at highway speeds. - Overall vibration from suspensions has been reduced thanks in part to the large, highly rigid front suspension cross member, the front strut tower bar, and the optimally tuned dampers. - The carefully designed cross-section shape of the A-pillars helps reduce unfavorable airflow that could cause unwanted wind noises. The sealing around the doors and other key areas has also been improved to avoid wind and engine noise from entering the cabin during the high-speed driving.

(4) Excellent driving performance typical to Mazda's new-generation products - Powered with the latest MZR 1.5-liter engine. The responsive engine gives the driver a linear feel of acceleration and the necessary level of torque to produce strong acceleration. - Verisa is equipped with the appropriately tuned MacPherson-strut front suspension, a torsion beam rear suspension built with a monotube damper, a steering system to enhance responsiveness and an easy-to-control braking system offering powerful stopping ability. These features enable the driver to have a comfortable and stable ride, an excellent driving stability and accurate maneuverability, all at levels rarely found in compact cars. - - The available e-4WD model is equipped with a motor to drive rear wheels. This model provides excellent performance, especially when starting on slippery roads or going uphill, and returns better fuel economy in the four-wheel-drive mode than a comparable model with a mechanical 4WD system.

(5) Superior eco-friendly performance and safety features - All the Verisa models meet the "Green Tax" standards (Japan's tax-reduction regulation for eco-friendly vehicles). Verisa is certified as 'SU-LEV' (2005 Emissions Standard 75% Reduction Level); and the FWD model meets the better 2010 '5 percent-Exceeding' Fuel Economy Standard, while the e-4WD model satisfies the 2010 Fuel Economy Standard. - For passive safety, the Mazda Advanced Impact Distribution and Absorption System helps lessen damage by impacts in the crushable areas. The firmly jointed triple H-shaped structure for the floor, the sides and the roof reduces deformation of the cabin. - Active safety features include a braking system facilitated by large-diameter front ventilated discs. This provides excellent braking performance with anti-fading characteristics even while the vehicle is going at a high speed or is heavily loaded.



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