New Ypsylon

Lancia will be introducing the new Ypsilon at the Geneva International Motor Show. All the distinction and prestige of a top-drawer élite car with the handling of a mini.

Designed for customers who love to make a mark by owning exclusive products and for whom driving satisfaction is paramount. This, in a nutshell, is the Lancia Ypsilon, a model that combines styling excellence with state-of-the-art engineering. The very best Italian luxury products have made names for themselves throughout the world. And the latest Lancia is no exception.


The 'Ypsilon' logo, designed by the Carrč Noir advertising agency is a natural extension of the Y motif yet also a metaphor for the new level of style and content achieved by the model compared to the previous Lancia Y. The lettering has been expanded from the individual letter used on the previous car (i.e. a Y) to the word denoting the Greek letter in cursive writing: Ypsilon. The end result is a succinct, distinctive, stylish logo with an extra touch of femininity and non-conformism. Oozing refinement in everything including its name, the Lancia Ypsilon is now the top quality choice in the city car segment (it measures 3760 mm long, 1690 mm wide, 1520 mm high with a wheelbase of 2390 mm). It is the car of choice for young trendsetters who want to stand out from the crowd and surround themselves with exclusive items that represent the best the market can offer in this particular category.

The Lancia Ypsilon is also reminiscent of the Thesis and Phedra in certain styling motifs (e.g. the large upright grille) and also because it embodies the same world of values, all focusing on Italian quality. The new car is a veritable pocket flagship because it has been designed specially for such customers. This is borne out by a stylish shape that is a modern take on the styling tradition of historical Lancia cars: sophisticated combinations of colours, fabrics and materials; extensive opportunities for customisation to individual customer tastes and lifestyles.

And more: The Lancia Ypsilon can be fitted with the revolutionary 1.3 Multijet 16v engine combined with a sophisticated Dualmode robotised gearbox: a power unit that combines all the benefits of diesel and petrol engines with manual or automatic transmissions. The new model also offers a set of exclusive devices that set it at the pinnacle of its category: from the extensive Skydome roof to a dual zone automatic climate control system and Bose? Sound System Hi-Fi.

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