Millions of British motorists are using traffic jams and traffic lights to put their love lives into top gear.

Nearly half of all motorists admit they openly flirt with the opposite sex while on the road and make the most of hold ups to woo fellow drivers, new research to mark the launch of the Tigra coupé roadster reveals.

Every day up to two million people are at it and their on-the-road romanticising is paying off - nearly half a million have admitted ending up in bed with someone and twice that number have exchanged phone numbers.

The research suggests that nearly 150,000 people have even met their husband or wife as a result of being tantalising in traffic.

Now Tigra ? the new award winning open top sensation from Vauxhall - has teamed up with sex, relationship and body language expert Tracey Cox to provide top tips on how to meet the man and woman of your dreams while on the road.


And according to Tracey, driving and flirting go hand in hand and a sexy car can be a short cut to meeting Mr or Miss Right.

She said: "For a start, you've got a captive audience - they're trapped, albeit just for a few minutes. There's no risk they'll be rushing off to buy a drink, popping to the loo or about to be chatted up by someone else. Their and your judgement is also sound, since you're both sober and unaffected by alcohol - neither of you have beer goggles on and it's not the drink making you say or do things you don't mean.

"Finally, our actions have no consequences. If the person doesn't want to flirt back or openly rejects us, the humiliation factor is low because all we need to do is put our foot to the metal, flick the switch and put the roof back up and we're outta there! "

The Tigra study also showed:

Men are bigger flirts in cars than women Smiling is the most popular tactic with 41% of drivers - winding a window down to grab attention comes second while blowing a kiss through the windscreen comes third Women are more likely than men to rev their engines as a sign they're interested 25-35 year olds are the most prolific flirts on the road A third of Britons would flirt with fellow motorists even if they were married Fun is the main motivation for flirting - only 11% do it because they are bored The Welsh are the flirtiest nation behind the wheel - more than 60% admit they do it And a sexy car is one way to catch the attention of a roving eye, according to the study. Twenty per cent of people think a flashy car makes a person look sexier with 58% of Britons voting convertibles the cars that turn them on most. It means you are seven times more likely to pull in an open top car than you are in a 4x4.

Said Tracey: "They're topless for a start! We associate open top cars with young, fun people. If sedans are the one-piece swimsuit, convertibles are the bikini. There's another obvious reason why people in open top cars are seen as sexy - we can see them clearly. Instead of a semi-obscured view of head and shoulders, we get to see much more of their body.

"Two seaters like the Tigra can also show that a woman or guy is looking for someone special to occupy their prized passenger seat in future. The added gadgetry of an automatic roof gives drivers a handy device to show off that they've got the latest wheels."

Tracey Cox's top tips for flirting are attached.

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