For Peugeot numbers are sacred...

For Peugeot, identification of its different car models by means of numbers featuring a central 0 is an integral part of its genetic make-up. However, in response to market fragmentation and the consequent need for a wider range of products, each with strong distinguishing features, Peugeot has decided to expand its naming system by doubling the central 0.

The inauguration of this four-digit naming system coincides with this year's launch by Peugeot of a new, original and innovative model that will be positioned as an extension of its existing range.

Three digits, starting with the 201...

201, 203, 205, 306, 407, 504, 607, etc: numbers taken at random from Peugeot's history, numbers that resemble one another but never say the same thing. In fact, each clearly identifies a model of the Marque thanks to a system which dates back to the 201, presented at the Paris Show in 1929.

This system, based on the famous central 0, is universal. Understood in every country, it is a keystone of Peugeot's international renown.


This system has continued to prove its worth and has accompanied every new development made by Peugeot. It allows virtually unlimited identification, not least due to the fact that when the time comes, it will be possible to start over again from the beginning.

A sign of recognition

The 3-digit identity is an essential component of Peugeot's brand identity. Conveying a very positive image for the company, the system evokes quality, technology and performance. Approved by customers around the world, this numbering system operates as a sign of recognition and makes it easy to differentiate between models in the range: a central zero with a number on either side. It has not changed since the launch of the 201, and provides three items of information about the model concerned:

- The first number indicates the family to which the vehicle belongs, its size in the range.

- The second digit - always 0 - is the link between the number denoting membership of a particular family and that denoting a particular generation.

- The third figure indicates the generation of the model.

Numbers and sometimes letters

In response to the growing range of products, and with the new expectations of customers and their specific preferences in mind, Peugeot has added a new dimension to its numbering system.

Within the Peugeot car range, each family (of which there are currently six) is composed of different silhouettes designated by the same 3-digit number, with special symbols added as and when required. Such is the case for example of the Coupé Cabriolet silhouette, designated by the letters CC, and the family/leisure silhouette, identified by SW. "For each family of models, we apply a strategy which is like a daisy flower, surrounded by individual petals.

Therefore, around a central model, we mimic the individual petals.This system, already applied to the 206, 307 and 407, is simple and clear," explains Frédéric Saint- Geours, the CEO of Peugeot.

More and more numbers?

Anticipating the future expectations of customers and their increasingly diverse tastes, Peugeot is continuously expanding its product range. To complement its traditional range, Peugeot will be proposing a number of new models.

To identify these specific models clearly, Peugeot has chosen to expand its numbering system. Therefore, the Marque will assign to these models a number with four digits instead of three, with a double central zero.

This new development of the numbering system - in the strict sense - was tested in 2003 with the Peugeot 4002, in the context of the 2nd Peugeot Design Competition.

The new system will feature very shortly for the first time on a new production model. An original vehicle, based on a single-volume architecture, derived from the Sésame concept car presented at the 2002 Paris Motor Show, will in its final livery display a number with a double central 0, preceded by a 1, designating the family to which it belongs, and followed by a 7 indicating its generation in a chronological sense.

The 1007, since this will indeed be its name, will be presented to the public before the end of this year.

After the 407 saloon and its alter ego the 407 SW, and after the 307 saloon, the will illustrate in striking fashion the acceleration of the Peugeot product range announced for 2004.

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