Alfa 159 Sportwagon

Italian styling, the performance and handling of a thoroughbred sports car, and the flexible, versatile use of space of a prestigious station wagon. These are, very briefly, the salient features of the Alfa 159 Sportwagon, the new car that will be on the market in Italy in March, followed by the other European markets.

It would be limiting to talk about the "station wagon version" of the Alfa 159 because the car has a personality of its own and strong features that are summed up successfully in the definition "Sportwagon". The new model combines the flowing line of a long roof that recalls the styling of certain coupes, like the spoiler on the roof and the very aerodynamic lines.


But at the same time, the car's interior space guarantees a generous, practical loading volume. In other words, the Alfa 159 Sportwagon provides the performance and dynamic behaviour you would expect from a sports car, and a luggage compartment with the dimensions of a prestigious station wagon, but also the versatility necessary for today's lifestyle.

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