The giulietta is 50 years old

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Giulietta Sprint, Alfa Romeo has organised a long series of events and exhibitions in conjunction with the Alfa Romeo Italian Registry and the Portello Stable.

The aim: to revive the history of an extraordinary legend. This was the brief for the numerous events planned in Milan from 15 May to 20 June 2004 that will naturally be starring the Giulietta. These include: two major international gatherings planned for the Lombard capital; race days at the Monza race track; an exhibition entitled 'Giulietta e il suo tempo' at the Palazzo della Ragione in Milan; visits to the Museo Storico in Arese and the Alfa Style Centre; test drives on the Balocco track - and lastly a concert in Piazza Duomo performed by the Teatro alla Scala Chamber Orchestra.


This event-filled calendar is the least we could do to provide a proper celebration for the forerunner of an entire class of cars (our present-day Gran Turismo cars) and also one of the great Italian style icons. Not to mention the fact that the Giulietta is one of the best examples of the unequalled technological and human heritage enshrined in the engines and styling of all Alfa Romeo models, past and present. It is no coincidence that we close this short history of the Giulietta with a present-day car inspired by its illustrious predecessor: the Alfa GT. This is the best example of the way both cars, though separated by time, are the outcome of the same engineering background and design creativity that have been a perennial reality for Alfa Romeo, an experience that is renewed every day.

The story of the Giulietta is the story of a Make that celebrates its past legends but lives very much in the present, through its current products. Throughout the celebration period, therefore, the most glamorous and fashionable streets in Milan (from via Montenapoleone to via della Spiga, via Bagutta to Corso Como) will offer visitors a chance to see some great cars: these include the Alfa GT, the original sporting coupé; the Kamal, a concept car that expressed the idea of elegant sportiness in a unique form for its type - and the 8C Competizione, the prototype that broke the mould and pushed back the most fascinating boundaries of Alfa's sporting tradition. Spirit, innovation and an unmistakable sense of Italian style have always been values that forge a close link between Milan and Alfa Romeo. In this sense, the Giulietta Sprint's anniversary is a small part of another almost century long star-studded history of legends that thrill as much today as they did in the past - and will continue to do so in the future (Alfa Romeo is 94 years old on 24 June 2004).

This is no academic reconstruction for nostalgic purposes, because passions for this car still run as high as ever. A recent estimate conducted by the Alfa Romeo Italian Registry found that 70% of the Giulietta Sprint cars built between 1954 and 1965 are still driven regularly. This means that tracing the history of this motoring legend also means paying homage to the best Alfa tradition, the same tradition that now inspires stylists and designers in their everyday work.

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