Mercedes asks owners of E-class and SL-class vehicles to bring their vehicles in to workshops

Since October 2001, the response of both customers and the media to the performance, comfort and convenience of the SBC system (Sensotronic Brake Control) has been very positive.

The company has become aware of a small number of faults. These have been investigated with all due care and rectified as appropriate. In all of these few cases, the SBC system's additional hydraulic function mode ensured that it provided a level of braking efficiency which was still higher than the applicable legal requirements. In this mode, visual and acoustic signals warn the driver, who can then bring the vehicle to a stop with a longer pedal travel and greater force on the pedal.


Analysis showed that it was primarily vehicles with a high mileage in conjunction with very frequent braking (e.g. taxis in inner-city operation) which were affected. All owners of taxis in Europe have already been offered a free check of the SBC system, at which any faults are then rectified. As a further measure, a check has been included in the regular scope of maintenance servicing for all vehicles fitted with SBC.

As a precautionary measure and irrespective of mileage and servicing status, the company is asking all customers with E-Class Saloons (built as of March 2002), E-Class Estates (built as of March 2003) and SL-Class Roadsters (built as of October 2001) to visit an authorised Mercedes-Benz workshop for a free check.

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